Chatkhaar's Two New Flavors

Chatkhaar has recently launched 5 new variants of chutney/pickles/sauces and condiments among their existing varieties, and I was offered to choose any two of them, for a review.

Moroccan Harissa
Chicken Pickle
Chickpeas Pickle
Sweet Lime Pickle
Thai Chilli Sauce
Falsa Chutney

Out of these five I was most curious to try the Chicken Pickle (yes, you read it right, Chicken!) and Moroccon Harissa.

Chicken pickle is such a treat for meat-lovers and a great accompaniment for the days when there is only daal chawal or mix sabzi for lunch. The chicken pickle by Chatkhaar had quite a strong vinegar hit in the first bite, but then the sourness settled in later bites. The taste was very similar to the typical achaar gosht from our desi cuisine. It is made from chicken breast meat and olive oil. I had it the classic way: Daal Chawal and Achaar, and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Moroccon Harissa -- though I had been warned that it was a spicy condiment -- was still too spicy for me (even though I love spicy food!) and it had to be as it is a blend of more than three different chilies. I had it with B.B.Q-ed liver so it was super spicy for me; but it will also go great with pulao as it is or mixed with yogurt and made into a raita.

Chicken pickle is however my favorite and I absolutely loved their packaging!

The chutneys, pickles, sauces, and chutneys can be ordered online via

*The opinions expressed and the review is entirely  my own.

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