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Last night was special one for our family, and all of us of were getting together so I thought to order from China Ming, our family's favorite Chinese takeaway place. So took my phone out and decided to order via, to my surprise, it went quite smoothly, from placing my order to them confirming it! I got the confirmation SMS with estimated time of delivery followed with an email within the next minute I had confirmed my order. So far, so good. Now what remained to be seen was if we got the food on time or not! The time given was 45 minutes I have to admit I was expecting delays and what not but Foodpanda came through for us and the food was delivered to us piping hot and at the exact 45th minute. We had ordered Chowmein, Fried Rice, Beef Chili, Chicken in Szechuan sauce and Chicken Chili with Vegetables. China Ming has been our favorite since the last 8 years or so. However, we were not very happy with their food this time. The chowmein noodles were a  bit mushy, and I couldn't really understand the beef chili flavor. However both the chicken dishes were yum, and the quantity as always was good. China Ming has a huge menu offering a variety of dishes belonging to Chinese and Thai cuisines.

Thank you Foodpanda, we were super impressed with the way the ordering process went. It had been a while since we ordered via them but glad we did. Online ordering wasn't ever this easy and convenient. I am looking forward to order more frequently via them and the deals they offer are super tempting!

Have you ordered via foodpanda? If so, how would you rate their service? Comment below and let me know! 

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Pakola introduces Pakola Water!

Mehran Bottlers, launched nation's favorite drink Pakola on 14th August, 1950. Pakola not only introduced the all time favorite Ice-Cream Soda flavor, but Raspberry, Lychee, Orange, Vimto and Lime Fresh, have now introduced their own mineral water by the name of Pakola Water.

A fan of beverages from Mehran Bottlers, I also tried their mineral water which was as good as any multi-national beverage brand.

Cricket, farmhouse and Pakola Water! :)

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