Authentic Middle Eastern Food @ Paramount Fine Foods!

I recently had a chance to try out authentic Lebanese cuisine at Paramount Fine Foods, in Karachi near Cafe Clifton/Sea View McDonalds. Talking about authenticiy? Purely authentic. Value for money? Great! Taste? Delicious! 
It is the first authentic Lebanese Restaurant that has opened up in Karachi. They have an extensive menu, so you take a good time to decide what to order! (you can view their menu here)
Scroll down for detailed review of all the things I tried!

Top left: Fattoush Salad, top right: freshly baked pita Bottom: Hummus
So far the best hummus and pita I've EVER had! The hummus was creamy and the pita was fresh.

Loved the crispy bits of toasted bread and the tangy-ness of the dressing.

Top left: combo platter, top right: lebanese chicken wrap, bottom left: cheese manakeesh, bottom right: combo platter

The chicken wrap was more like a shawarma, only with a thinner flatbread and less saucy and I looooooooooved it. The cheese manakeesh was okayish, a bit too salty for my tastebuds. Everything in the platter was YUUUUUM. It inlcuded: shish taouk, BBQ Beef Skewers, falafel, beef and chicken shawarma, kafta, spicy bread, tahini and garlic sauce. Loved everything on the platter: meat cooked perfectly, juicy and flavorful. Falafel were not dry, unlike served at many places. Each item on the platter had a distinct flavor. 

Dessert! Top: Assorted Baklava, below: Kunafah, or Knafeh.
Even thought their dessert counter was lined with a lot of pastries, one notices that all of it was freshly made. You could sense it while taking a bite! The baklava were crisp, fresh and oozing with nuttiness. Their kunafah was a disappoinment though, I like the crispier version and theirs was a soft soaked in a syrup version which was a bit too sweet for me!
All in all, Paramount was a scrumptious experience, a place you'd definitely go back to. And last but not the least, I was super impressed by their initiative (an excellent one!) to help those in need: ↓

Paramount Foods have their own bottled water. From each sale rs5 goes to Darul Sukoon.
I'd rate my experience 4.5 stars!


31-C Khayaban-e-Shamsheer,
Saba Commerical Area,
Phase-V, DHA
Karachi, Pakistan

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