Food Connection Pakistan - Dream Come True

Back in November 2009 was when I started blogging- food blogging to be more precise. It was my passion which made me start blogging. Because I simply love food, and I love cooking - it's a skill that I possess and I wanted to share it with everyone. I wanted people to know more about food, the need for healthy food, new places to eat out etc. Then, for a temporary time period I shifted to my own domain - which, due to lack of resources and time, I couldn't manage. And so I returned back to blogspot. The main reason I started my blog was to share - food, reviews, recipes because back then, I knew not a single blog dedicated to food and it hurt me, because food is FOOD and it indeed needs a lot of attention :D

Anyhow, so as I usually go on about surfing different international food blogs and food pages on facebook, I stumbled upon, Food Connection Pakistan one day. I read the idea behind the project, and I saw hard work. It was good to see, something like FC Pakistan coming in shape. All dedicated to food - reviews, places to eat out. It was as a dream come true because I really wanted to see something like that to be started in Pakistan.

Food really is something to be appreciated. We need to have a sense of good food and drink. Of course we get bored if we eat out at the same place every time. That's why we need to know more new food places; and that's where the Food/Cafe/Restaurant Reviews come in (and FC Pakistan too).

Good things need to be blogged about and need to be appreciated and I think Food Connection Pakistan was worth a blog post. I wish them luck in this project of theirs! And I am sure, this will go huge!


  1. thanks for sharing the source! love it! can't wait for the launch too.

  2. hi found your blog through fc pakistan's facebook page, so it seems they really are doing their job. i'm always looking for good pakistan based food blogs and your's looks delicious

  3. So this was all a scam to get those vouchers, innit? -.-
    We're sharing not matter what :P

    P.S: I registered at their site as well, aiween shughal main :P

  4. Hahaha.
    No, I did it, because FC Pakistan's effort was worth a mention.

    P.S I registered as well, alag sey :P
    But vouchers are not related to this post :)

  5. is best availble to find out eatries in Pakistan


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