The Abnormally Huge Pizza

It's really the first of it's kind in Pakistan - 14th Street Pizza. Huge (20 inches!!), delicious and absolutely cheesy! Even it's crust has cheese in it! What else do you want in a Pizza? The chewy thin crust with a perfect blend of cheese, chicken, olives, sausages, bellpeppers mushrooms and jalapenos. Mouth-watering! One thing though, it has to be had before it gets cold otherwise the crust/pizza dough tastes like raw flour/half-cooked dough. Also, I'm a little unhappy with their service as they take a bit too long to deliver. But you should try it out once. You'll then experience eating a humungous slice of Pizza.

Unfortunately, they only deliver - no dine-in. But hey, we can still enjoy the Pizza! :D

Join their facebook page to view the menu and the contact numbers.

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  1. Uffffff yaaaaaaar! YUMYUMINMYTUMTUMNOW!!

  2. You have turned me in to a serial killer, woman. Each time I pass by your blog and I plan to keel you and this happens over and over again. -.-

  3. this looks so much more awesome than any less awesome looking pizza :D

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