Cool Inn

Even though I objected at the name, my sister insisted that we try out the food from here. Situated in Boat Basin, near Flamingo, the place has a variety of snacks being offered. Bhel Puri, Sev Puri, Chana Chaat, Paani Puri Masala Dosa, Idli Saambar and even main dishes like Rice and Spice, Chinese, and Burgers. Out of all these, the best are the Dosas, Chaana Chaat and Bhel Puri. Definitely, definitely something to try out. So far, the second best place to have Chana Chaat and Dosa (it's better than Gazebo and Chatkhaaray) from. The crisp Dosa bread, with the coconut chutney and the crunchy bhel puri bites with chopped onion and sweet & sour tamarind cutney - absolutely delicious. The Spicy Chicken Boti Burger does look tempting, but it tasted terrible. Too saucy/ketchupy and it had no taste whatsoever.

Bhel Puri

Masala Dosa

Spicy Chicken Boti Burger

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  1. The Bhel Puri lookssss awesome. But that burger let's just say it's something my niece would make with her kitchen playset. :P

  2. tempting ,specially the masala dossa i think will surely try it :)

  3. OMG... This post is SO tempting!! I'll definitely try this soon. IA

  4. this burger looks YUMMMMMMMM!!!

  5. You NEED to adopt me, asap!

  6. Oh-em-gee. Why have I never had ANY of these items all my life? :O


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