Rendezvous at Gloria Jeans

Gloria Jeans, famous for it's coffee and breakfast, has now opened up a branch in Dolmen Mall, Clifton. A bloggers meet-up before it's official launch was organized by Food Connection Pakistan.The place offers a comfortable ambiance, a beautiful view of the Arabian Sea, and delicious food. Azfer Asharay, Business Director at Gloria Jeans Coffee, a foodie like many other cafe owners, says "Gloria Jeans here (Karachi) has done phenomenally well, with great results from all the coffee lovers". Azfer also said that "it was the view which was perfect for a lounge I wanted to create as Gloria Jeans, a comfortable place with outdoor dining and the view of the sea."

As grand as the place looked, I expected the food to be as good. Even though I am not a great fan of beef, but I tried the fillet mignon, which was moist and cooked just right, served with a perfect pepper sauce. The Chicken Piquant was a bit too sweet for my taste-buds, but it was well cooked and had an excellent smoky flavor to it -- succulent and juicy. The Beef Burgers, were average, the burger buns being a bit dry (maybe because the time taken to photograph the dishes made it cold) and not to forget the yummylicious baked Potato Skins with cheese and sour cream -- mouthwatering! I loved the concept of the menu, in the form of  a newspaper. I liked the fact that Gloria Jeans had a couple of bookshelves filled with amazing books, something very attractive for a bibliophile like me. The coffee, Cappuccino was amazing -- coffee and books, the two things which would definitely make me return. Hoping Gloria Jeans does well and serves scrumptious food as good as their coffees.

For coffee and dessert, minimum amount required would be Rs.500. For breakfast/lunch/dinner, minimum would be Rs.600-800 (of course, depending on what you order).

Quality of food: 7.5/10
Service: 8/10
Ambiance: 9/10
Value for money: 8/10

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