Potato Pops

It's a tough job making people like veggies, and even harder to make them eat it! So what to do? How does one incorporate vegetables in their daily kitchen menu? What does one do to make their family 'like' eating vegetables? One solution to this! #CubeThatVeggie. Yes! Use Knorr chicken cubes, in different veggie recipes to get that oomph, that flavor everyone's been looking for! I will be sharing a series of veggie recipes for you all to try out using Knorr chicken cubes! I will be posting one recipe each day for an entire week! My recipes will be diverse, and belonging to different cuisines: Pakistani, Continental, Chinese and many more! So gear up, something exciting is coming up and stay tuned to The Crazy Chef!

#4 Potato Pops


Big potatoes, boiled and mashed 4
Salt To taste
Pepper 1/2 tsp
Butter 2 tbsp
Flour 4 tbsp
Knorr Chicken cube, 1, mixed in 1 tsp warm water


Mix all the ingredients and make small balls. Add in some flour, mix well. Add more flour till it's the right consistency (slightly on the doughy side). Make balls out of the mixture, coat them again in some flour and then deep fry on high flame till they are a nice golden brown.

*To be on the safe side, make one ball, coat it in flour and test it by frying it on high heat. If it doesn't break or dissolve in the oil, make balls from the rest of the mixture and fry!

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