Of Food and Fondue!

Today was an absolutely delicious day. It was the girls get-together and of course, there had to be food and lots of it. The menu had Singaporean Rice, Lasagna and for dessert, yummylicious chocolate cake to be dipped in chocolate fondue (I actually ended up eating the fountain chocolate with a spoon)! Heavenly. Later we moved on to some street food. And I was literally going to burst! It was quite a messy affair. Especially the chocolate part. We all went crazy. Chocolate was everywhere! We missed the Pretzels though.

Enjoy the pictures (oh yes! I feel very evil and hence torturing y'all xD)

The super delicious Singaporean Rice.
Look at all that CHEESE!

The oozing chocolate!

Chocolate Fondue! Delicious!


Comments are appreciated! :)

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