One of the many trips to the Karachi Golf Club.

Ever since a kid, we as a family have been coming here for lunches, brunches and the sort. My dad's been a member since the early 80's. There have been various golf tournaments and flower shows. I've watched my Dad and Brother play golf, and played it myself too in the most amazing weathers with soft breeze blowing.  This is a beautiful place, with utterly delicious and mouth-watering food and the quality never deteriorates. The place gives you a feeling of calm, and peace. What else could one want? Good food, mental peace, beautiful, clean environment. I could live in a place like this forever with an infinite number of books to read; watching the squirrels scurrying up the trees, hearing the birds sing, enjoying the scent of the flowers and the fragrance of a freshly mowed lawn with scrumptious food. Mmm-hmm.
Let the rest be spoken by the pictures.

My pepper steak with extra butter ;)


  1. Which camera is this by the way?

    Mouth watering shots by the way !

  2. So, I've been pretty regular follower of your, and this other food blog by Sidra Amjad. She has copied the idea of your header. Thought of letting you know.
    And awesome work.


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