Baking/Desserts Classes' Details

A good friend of mine, Daniya Ahmed, who is also a certified baker from Pakistan Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management is conducting a 10-day baking/desserts' course. Following are the details:

The classes will begin from 5th of June, 2012 and will be held twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday, timings: 4-6pm. Venue is Clifton, Karachi. Following recipes will be taught:

First class: Ice cream Swiss roll and Candi ice cake.

Second class: Chocolate cake and Strawberry cake.

Third class: Mango ice-cream and cookie treats.

Fourth class: Beef Burger and Club Sandwich

Fifth class: Brownies and cupcakes

Sixth class: Caramel crunch cake and Chocolate Fudge cake

Seventh class: Naan khatai and short crust biscuits

Eigth class: Bakery biscuits and chocolate/plain biscuits

Ninth class: Puff pastries (variations in Chicken and Mince)

Tenth class: Jalebi and shakes.

Please call 0336-3795335 or email at for details. Make sure you book yourself for your choice of class well in advance. Seats are limited. 

*Classes are only for girls/women in Karachi.

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