Magnum Relaunch

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A few days ago I received an invitation card titled 'The Hunt For Pleasure is On', I was intrigued. A few days later, upon receiving a package containing a small box of Lal's chocolate, I was delighted to find out  it was an invite for the Magnum launch, a one of a kind invite for a blogger's meet-up. Was looking forward to it. YUM. Belgian chocolate. 

The meet-up was quite a grand affair, dark ambiance, lit up with spotlights and with Magnum boards all around. The event started off with a presentation, with a couple of video clips regarding the basic idea behind Magnum. It was all done in a very grand manner,and various food critics/bloggers were present. The quality of the ice cream was impeccable - creamy vanilla ice-cream, and a bitter-sweet coat of yummy melt-in-the-mouth chocolate. Loved how we were served different snacks and drinks before the event started, and how, in the end we got to make our own Magnums by dipping 'em in melted chocolate and other goodies. I chose sprinkles  with freshly sliced strawberries and kiwi fruit. The ice-cream indeed is a quality product as the vanilla ice-cream was perfectly creamy, and the chocolate had a fine taste to it with a smooth, silky texture.
 The team also said that they have plans of opening up a Magnum Cafe. This sounds yummylicious and reminds me of Dip Shop. I'd definitely go to the Magnum cafe if I get to eat my Magnum with fruits and yummy chocolate. I loved the combination!

The only thing which I found hard to believe and which made me uncomfortable, was linking Magnum to  pleasures in a highly exaggerated manner. One of the video clips implied that indulging in Magnum is equal to "certain other kind of pleasures". Frankly, it's a food product, an ice-cream, nothing else.

All in all, it was a good event; different from other blogger meet-ups I've been too. And I wish them luck with their future endeavors.


  1. Sounds like an enticing treat :) food picturesque and melted chocolate look divine.
    Feel like a dip in the melted chocolate. Great work!

  2. mouth watering!


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