Roasters, yet again!

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After a disappointing first visit to Roasters, Zamzama, (read the review here) I thought of not judging the place on my very first trip and give it another chance. My second visit, on the contrast, turned out to be absolutely mouth-watering! The onion rings were perfectly crispy and were served with two dips: Marinara and Garlic Mayonnaise. The crispy chicken sandwich was as promising as it's description on the menu - crunchy and flavorful served with fresh, crisp coleslaw. But the Chicken Parmesan Pasta was the highlight of the visit. Delicious, mouth-watering and fulfilling. Pasta in a creamy bechamel, crumb-fried chicken fillet topped with marinara sauce, Parmesan and mozzarella cheese, grilled till it achieved a nice golden brown color -- enjoyed all the textual elements in the dish thoroughly. Roasters, is now a must visit.

I went there with a friend, and we ordered a starter and two entrees, with a drink and a mineral water, the bill totaled to Rs.1800 -- average of Rs.900 per person.

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