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  1. I've heard a lot about this place. A lot of people with good taste buds have appreciated it. I definitely have to go for it now.

  2. Thanks for sharing the review. Went to BOTS yesterday and the experience was not as great as expected. Though good quality and freshness was exceptional, cluttered menue and untrained waiters disappointed us. As the first timer, we didn't know what to order and waiters couldn't help us either. For clarity, the boy serving us was mannered and hard working, just that he was not a menue expert. We ended up ordering hodge podge: prawn biryani, dhaka fish, dosa, and mayo role. However, I'd definitely go there again to try the fish burger- you recommended - and Goan curry - out of curiosity - though it looks overpriced for Rs. 500.

    1. Our review here:


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