Tipu Burger at Boat Basin

Everytime I pass Mottas, I see quite a crowd of people having Bun-Kebabs from this place, Tipu's Burger situated right next to Laraib Music near Mottas in Clifton. They're sort of a mixture of burger and bun-kebabs, but are delicious nonetheless. The daal-anda and aloo ka bun-kebab taste the best, with onions, sliced tomatoes and crisp, sweet coleslaw, one bun-kebab is quite fulfilling and a palatable treat. And hence, every time I go to Mottas for grocery shopping, I am sure to grab a bun-kebab on my way back. 

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  1. Now I wanna eat them! Awwwn :s
    Lovely pictures, and the description is just nom nom nom :D


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