The Deli - Mediterranean, Italian and Thai Cuisines.

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Situated at the far end of a lane in Zamzama is The Deli.  The upscale restaurant opened its doors in February 2007 to provide fresh and healthy food for health and quality conscious people. The Deli's cuisine consists of Mediterranean, Thai and European.
Entering the eatery, a cosy interior and relaxing ambiance welcomes me. The place was filled with sunlight, coming from large glass windows, the wooden touches given to the restaurant added to the warmth. The décor of the restaurant was very appealing to the eyes - the first thing you notice when you enter is the luxurious chandelier hanging and a large portion of the wall painted and patterned with flowers; rest covered with wallpapers and adorned with black and white framed photographs of Karachi's famous areas like the Old Building of GPO, McLeod Road etc.
I decided to let Tina, one of the owners of The Deli order for me and four dishes ordered were; Italian Style Pasta, Chicken Swiss Polo, Greek Style Fish and Chilli Prawn Avocado Salad. I first tried The Italian style pasta  which was Fetuccine Alfredo, served with fresh basil leaves; after the first mouthful, I didn't speak until after the fourth bite. It was absolutely delicious! The pasta cooked perfectly, creamy, and the chicken was succulent.
Then came the Chicken Swiss Polo, stuffed with mushrooms and spinach served with a creamy sauce, blanched and sautéed veggies; was definitely the best. The chicken was succulent, moist and flavourful. The first bite was a burst of flavours in my mouth.
Moving on to the Greek Style Fish; served with fresh dill and chopped vegetables; avocados, tomatoes, cucumber. I really liked the spices, but I found the fish to be a little dry and over-cooked, left me wanting it a bit juicy. I loved the Chilli Prawn Avocado salad. It was scrumptious! Loved the greens; fresh rocket leaves, fresh lettuce and sweet, fresh avocados. The best part was, that all the ingredients used were fresh; not one stained salad leaf I found in all the four dishes; crunchy, crisp julienne vegetables; a delight!

Quality of food: 8.5/10
Service: 8/10
Ambiance: 8.5/10
Value for money: 8.5/10

The Deli
Shop No. 2-6, 5-C, 
1st Commercial Lane, 
Zamzama Phase 5, D.H.A., 
Karachi, Pakistan
Phone: 021-35838954
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  1. Brilliant review - I have been their twice and love the ambiance they have as well as the food. Little suggestion..since you are doing such reviews please take a pic of the kitchen as well :)

  2. dear tehniat...absolutely delighted to have found u share the same passion for food as i! keep up the hard work.hope to eat together someday perhaps:D love amal!


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