Vegetable Chowmein

It's a tough job making people like veggies, and even harder to make them eat it! So what to do? How does one incorporate vegetables in their daily kitchen menu? What does one do to make their family 'like' eating vegetables? One solution to this! #CubeThatVeggie. Yes! Use Knorr chicken cubes, in different veggie recipes to get that oomph, that flavor everyone's been looking for! I will be sharing a series of veggie recipes for you all to try out using Knorr chicken cubes! I will be posting one recipe each day for an entire week! My recipes will be diverse, and belonging to different cuisines: Pakistani, Continental, Chinese and many more! So gear up, something exciting is coming up and stay tuned to The Crazy Chef!

# 2 Vegetable Chowmein

This dish is SO easy to make! The only hard part about it is hand cutting the vegetables (which you can always do with a machine too!) Its literally easy peasy and delicious! 


Spaghetti / Egg noodles 500gm
Carrots, julienne, 1 cup
Capsicum, julienne, 1 cup
Green onions, julienne, 1/2 cup
Ginger-garlic, crushed, 1 1/2 tbsp
Cabbage, paysanne (slim, flat, square cut), 1 cup
Knorr chicken cubes, 2
Salt, to taste
Black pepper, 2 tsp, levelled
Sesame seed oil 2 tbsp
Canola/vegetable Oil, 3 tbsp


In a large pot add water and let it boil. Add 2 tsp salt, and once it starts boiling fiercely, add in the spaghetti and cook till al dente, just firm. Strain, add sesame seed oil, mix and keep aside. 

Heat canola oil in a large wok. Add ginger garlic and stir fry on high heat for a minute. Add Knorr chicken cubes, 1 tsp water, salt, and pepper. Mix till the Knorr chicken cubes dissolves. Now add all the vegetables except the green onion. Mix and cook on high heat for two minutes. I like my vegetables crisper and not over cooked, this way they maintain their color as well. Now add the boiled spaghetti and mix well. Cook for another two minutes, add green onions, mix and serve! 

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